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  • Book offer!

    Wiley-Blackwell are offering a special 20% discount for members on The Textbook of Non-medical Prescribing (ISBN: 9781405199353) by Diylise Nuttall and Jane Rutt-Howard published this month and priced at £26.99.

    The Textbook of Non-medical Prescribing addresses all the key issues relevant to nonmedical prescribing, bringing together essential knowledge, key issues, and skills in a single text.

    • An essential core text for students on non medical prescribing courses
    • Accessible, lively and interactive in style
    • Student-friendly, including learning objectives, activities, and case studies, enabling readers to apply prescribing principles to practice
    • Interactive companion website

    To order go to and enter the code NUD11 at checkout or quote that code on the phone on 0800 243407 or via e-mail at

    Membership and members only pages.

    Here you can :

    • Manage your own details such as name, address and very importantly your email address.
    • The ANP is developing training materials in partnership with some very reputable organizations. These will only be available via the private members area.
    • Discounts. We run various events throughout the year. Members get a special discount. The only way to get these is to be logged in. If you are not logged in, you will only see the public full prices.

    A word on renewals.

    The ANP is moving away from the paper based system where all members had to fill in forms and send cheques. Our older members are set up to pay in this way. If you wish to pay online, you will need to check your payment prefererence.

    • If you are set to “manual” payments, we are expecting you to pay or renew by cheque.
    • If you are set to “online” payments, you are able to renew or pay for your membership by using your credit card.
    • Should you wish to change your payment method, please use the menu on the right and click on “preferred payment method”

    Please note, you will only be able to renew in the period of 30 days prior and upto your membership expire date. (The payment link will not appear until then.)

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