Using the MAI to evaluate nurse prescribing in Ireland

Most of the 208 medications prescribed by the nurse and midwife prescribers whose records were analysed in this study were indicated and effective. This was a multi-site study in Ireland, using the Medication Appropriate Index tool (MAI). There was, however, a risk of inappropriate prescribing and the potential for drug errors.

Between 69% and 80% of prescribing decisions met all eight criteria: indicated, effective, dosage, directions, drug/drug or disease/condition interactions, duplication of therapy, and duration of therapy. The authors conclude that continuing education and prescribing practice evaluation is needed. The use of the MAI as an evaluation tool was described at the 2012 ANP annual conference and another recent study used care notes to assess prescribing and Patient Group Direction (PGD) use.

Naughton C. et al. An evaluation of the appropriateness and safety of nurse and midwife prescribing in Ireland. J Adv Nurs 2013; 69: 1478-1488.