UK heading for a major nursing shortage

July 2016

A third of nurses intend to retire in the next ten years, and with a lack of nurses being trained, the UK faces a huge shortage of nurses in the near future.

This was the conclusion of a report into the nursing workforce by the Institute of Employment Studies, which also found that safe staffing levels and increasing healthcare demands on NHS services have increased the demand for nurses. At the same time, NHS providers have faced greater financial difficulties making recruitment more challenging.

‘This was a preventable crisis, caused by years of cuts to student nurse commissions and a lack of long-term workforce planning,’ said Janet Davies, chief executive of the RCN.

According to the report, the government has failed to fund enough training places for nurses, meaning that the NHS is increasingly reliant on nurses from overseas, who currently make up 12.5% of the workforce. After the decision to leave the EU in June, concerns have been raised that the EU nurse workforce could be at risk.

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