Non-medical prescribers will be able to mix medicines

Non-medical prescribers will be able to mix medicines legally – and direct others to do so – by the end of the year, under planned changes to the law announced yesterday by the MHRA. This will apply to any clinical area where mixing medicines is accepted practice. Nurse and pharmacist independent prescribers will also be able to prescribe unlicensed medicines for their patients.

The mixing of medicines has been a matter of huge concern for non-medical prescribers, and the ANP and other organisations have consistently lobbied for legislative changes to clarify the situation.

We will be covering this in more detail in the next few days but in the meantime, Matt Griffiths of the ANP, said “This is great news for non-medical prescribers: they can now follow best practice and provide excellent care, without confusion over what is legal and what is not.”

For the MHRA’s revised statement on medical and non-medical prescribing and mixing medicines in clinical practice click here.