Podcasts of pharmacology lectures ‘useful’

Non-medical prescribing students found podcasts of the pharmacology lectures in their course useful, according to this study. Comparison with previous groups of students suggested that the podcasts might have helped improve exam performance.

The authors discuss the difficulty of communicating the necessary breadth and depth of pharmacology information to nurses on the non-medical prescribing course, particularly given the wide variation in knowledge of pharmacological concepts among nurses starting the course. This ‘foreign language’ is, however, clearly very important and yet time is limited on the course.

More than 90% of the students on two non-medical prescribing courses at the University of Nottingham accessed at least one podcast, and the vast majority rated them as helpful or very helpful, with some providing very positive feedback and saying they would be useful in other areas of the course.

Meade O, Bowskill D and Lymn JS. Pharmacology as a foreign language: a preliminary evaluation of podcasting as a supplementary learning tool for non-medical prescribing students. BMC Medical Education; published 18 December 2009.