Pharmacist prescribing on a surgical ward

Pharmacist prescribing does not always seem to have realised its potential – this account of how pharmacist prescribing was introduced to a surgical ward looks at some of the benefits, as well as describing the process of implementation. The author highlights the fact that of the new items prescribed for patients in the first three months, the three most common categories – anticoagulants, analgesics and antibacterials – all correlate with priority areas in patient safety initiatives, and there had also been previous incidents on the ward in all three areas. Anecdotally, benefits included speedier prescribing on admission and a faster discharge process. The author believes that a close working relationship with the surgical team was crucial to the success of this initiative.

Sassi-Jones K. Benefits of implementing pharmacist prescribing on a surgical ward. Br J Clin Pharmacy 2010; 338-340.