Nurse prescribing: therapy areas and CPD needs

Three-quarters of nurses replying to a recent survey about prescribing said that they had CPD needs specifically related to pharmacology, more than 50% to assessment and diagnosis and 44% to knowledge of conditions. Their preferred method for undertaking CPD was e-learning.

The survey took the form of an online questionnaire e-mailed to members of the Association for Nurse Prescribing (ANP), and 62% replied (546 in total). The authors point out that members of the ANP may be particularly likely to be actively prescribing and to be keen to access prescribing support and education.

Nurses reported prescribing for a broad range of conditions, with large numbers of nurses saying that they are now prescribing for pain, respiratory conditions and sexual health – Â in addition to areas identified in previous work such as dermatology – and these areas were among those with most respondents reporting that they had CPD needs.

The authors comment that these results provide useful pointers for those developing and delivering CPD for nurse prescribers and involved in undergraduate training.

Courtenay M and Gordon J. A survey of therapy areas in which nurses prescribe and CPD needs. Nurse Prescribing 2009; 7(6): 255-262.