Nurse prescribing in mental health

Nurse prescribing in mental health has been associated with concerns that prescribing may affect the important nurse-patient relationship, and it has not been as well established or researched as in some areas. This study provides evidence that nurses, clients and doctors and nurse managers view nurse prescribing in mental health positively.

Interview and focus groups in one Foundation Trust elicited the following views: nurse prescribers believed that nurse prescribing enhanced the service; their clients welcomed it as they valued the existing relationship, as well as continuity and ease of access; and doctors and nurse managers knew of positive client feedback.

Ross JD, Clarke A and Kettles AM. Mental health nurse prescribing: using a constructivist approach to investigate the nurse-patient relationship. J Psychiatr Ment Health Nurs 2013; published online ahead of print, 17 February 2013.