Nurse prescribing in diabetes: professionals’ views

Nurse prescribing for people with diabetes supports advanced practice in this area, according to the results of this study involving interviews with nurse prescribers, doctors and non-prescribing nurses.

Prescribing was seen as a natural progression of the advanced roles that nurses have moved into over recent years and as supporting and enabling these new ways of working. Of the three nurses who were not prescribers, the diabetes specialist nurse said that the qualification was seen as necessary for career progression but the two in general practice had not felt under any pressure to become prescribers. Respondents working in general practice felt that nurses should complete disease-specific modules before undertaking the prescribing course. The prescribing nurses caring for people with diabetes found the generic prescribing information on the course useful. There was, however, variation between the courses in terms of the workload. The doctors interviewed felt they should be involved in mentoring, as at present, particularly because of the complexities of prescribing for diabetes, but thought that nurse prescribers also have a role to play.

Courtenay M, Stenner K and Carey N. Nurses’ and doctors’ views about the prescribing programme. Nurse Prescribing 2009; 7(9): 412-417.