Nurse Prescribing in critical care

The British Association of Critical Care Nurses (BACCN) has published a position statement on prescribing in critical care, setting out guidance for critical care nurses who currently prescribe (or are planning to prescribe) for patients in the critical care pathway (see here).

It points out that because of the nature of critical care, which often involves treating people with a variety of clinical conditions and underlying diseases who can be on many potent drugs, only experienced nurses undergoing advanced practice would be able to support prescribing in this area.Â

Results from an email questionnaire sent to members in early 2007 suggested that there are relatively few nurses prescribing in this area, including critical care outreach teams, but that patient group directions (PGDs) and supplementary prescribing are also used. The position statement aims to help current and future nurse prescribers ensure that prescribing practice is undertaken safely for patient benefit.