NPC publishes single competency framework for prescribers

The National Prescribing Centre (NPC) has published a single prescribing competency framework for all prescribers, regardless of professional background – so including all non-medical prescribers, and doctors and dentists. This is exciting news for non-medical prescribers as it recognises that, “a common set of competencies underpin prescribing regardless of professional background”. Although the framework is generic, the NPC points out that it can be adapted for particular settings, either clinical or professional.

The framework consists of three domains, each with three competencies:

  • The consultation: knowledge; options; shared decision making
  • Prescribing effectively: always improving; professional; safe
  • Prescribing in context: the healthcare system; information; self and others.

The NPC says that the prescribing framework can be used by healthcare professionals who are preparing to prescribe and also to help prescribers identify strengths and areas that need attention.