NICE develops prescribing and medicines information

The NICE website now includes a Medicines and Prescribing Centre, following integration with the National Prescribing Centre. This is a useful resource, bringing together lots of advice and sources of support, in several sections, including:

  • Evidence summaries: new medicines – although not formal NICE guidance, these are critical reviews of evidence about certain new medicines, to allow evidence-based decision-making. Insulin degludec for Type 1 and 2 diabetes will be one of the first new medicines reviewed.
  • Evidence summaries: unlicensed/off-label medicines – the first national source of information for professionals and patients about unlicensed and off-label medicines, and when they are safe and effective, again allowing decisions to be made on the basis of the best available evidence.
  • Good practice guidance – starting with the development and updating of local formularies, to be published in December.
  • Alerts on medicines and prescribing – sign up to receive these, including one on non-medical prescribing news.