National approach pays off in Ireland

Two articles about the implementation of nurse and midwife prescribing in Ireland have highlighted the importance of a structured, national approach. One [1] describes the national processes used and argues that the “critical success factor” was “the introduction of a standardised approach applied in a systematic manner by each health service provider….”. Another [2] describes how one aspect of the national framework used to support the initiative, the national nurse and midwife prescribing minimum dataset, was developed – and how its reports can be used to examine the prescribing activity of nurse prescribers in Ireland.

[1] Adams E et al. Prescribing in Ireland: the National Implementation Framework. Nurse Prescribing 2010; 8(4): 182-188.

[2] Adams E et al. Nurse and midwife prescribing in Ireland: the Minimum Dataset. Nurse Prescribing 2010; 8(5): 234-241.