More to be done before prescribing is extended?

Do non-medical prescribers have “safe and supportive” environments? Not yet, say these authors, arguing that refinements are needed before podiatrists and physiotherapists take up their prescribing pads, discussing some of the evidence including the 2011 evaluation of pharmacist and nurse prescribing.

For example, they say, pharmacists need to make “personal sacrifices” to maintain prescribing competencies, given the lack of clear guidance about support for CPD for employers; this is a familiar issue. Trusts and other organisations should start thinking about how these new prescribers can best be supported, how the needs of these two professional groups will vary, and what systems can be put in place to ensure that when people qualify, they can begin prescribing. Engaging patients is also important.

Adigwe OP and Strickland-Hodge B. Rewrite the script for non-medical prescribing. Health Service Journal, 22 October 2012.