More Mental health nurses think service is inadequate

Oct 2016

Around 70% of mental health nurses think that the NHS is not capable of treating the growing number of people referred to them, a study by the guardian on behalf of the Royal College for Nursing (RCN) has found.

The survey found that children’s services are particularly stretched. Half of all mental health nurses working with young people say Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) are inadequate. A further 20% thought they are extremely inadequate. Just 13% believe they are good or very good, while the rest say they are adequate.

‘Without treatment, problems are very likely to escalate and children are more likely to self-harm or become suicidal, to be violent and aggressive, or to drop out of school, which can ruin their prospects for the future,’ said Sarah Brennan, chief executive of YoungMinds. ‘Delays can also have a disastrous effect on families, with parents forced to leave their jobs to look after their children.’

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