Jersey to implement non-medical prescribing

Jersey is to implement a non-medical prescribing programme: the first legislative changes needed have been made and the aim is to start the first V300 course, on the island, in January 2013. Geoff White (Consultant Nurse, Practice Development, who has been very involved with this project) told the ANP that this is pivotal to the development of specialist and advanced nursing practice on Jersey, and that nurses and midwives will probably be the first groups to start the training, but that the legislation allows for other professions as well. Separate legislation would be needed for controlled drugs. Mr White predicts that nurses working in the following areas will be targeted initially: emergency care, unscheduled care, night nurse practitioners, mental health, sexual health, palliative care, and chronic disease management including diabetes. Jersey will be developing a ‘robust implementation strategy’ that takes on board lessons learned from the implementation of non-medical prescribing elsewhere; ANP committee members have provided support for this extension of non-medical prescribing.