Indemnity insurance for nurses and midwives

The NMC has now published its final information on professional indemnity insurance (scroll down to the middle of the page – the NMC has confirmed that this is the final version, published in February 2014, although it is dated July 2013).

The NMC confirms that the Code will be amended once the legislation requiring all healthcare professionals to hold an appropriate indemnity arrangement is in place. The ‘large majority of nurses and midwives will already meet the new requirement and will not need to take any further action’, says the NMC, confirming that employees in the NHS or the independent sector will normally be covered by their employer’s arrangements (although outside the NHS, arrangements do vary, so nurses should check). Self-employed, or partly self-employed, nurses will need their own cover, which may be as part of membership of a professional body or trade union, from a commercial provider, or a combination of the two. The NMC says that it cannot provide advice about the level of cover that registrants require; they should seek advice from their professional body, trade union, or insurer as appropriate. NHS Employers has published some useful Q and As on the new requirements.

The RCN’s recent announcement that it is withdrawing indemnity cover from employed and aesthetic nurses has continued to generate some debate.