GMC tightens up on Botox prescribing for doctors

At the ANP conference last year, it was stressed that nurses must follow NMC guidance on remote prescribing of Botox and other injectable cosmetic products, whatever other professional groups are doing. Well, the doctors’ regulator, the General Medical Council (GMC), in July issued new guidance banning remote prescribing of Botox and other injectable cosmetic products: doctors who continue with this practice will be risking their registration. The guidance states: “You must undertake a physical examination of patients before prescribing non-surgical cosmetic medicinal products such as Botox, Dysport or Vistabel or other injectable cosmetic medicines. You must not therefore prescribe these medicines by telephone, fax, video-link, or online”.

There is a lot of information about this on the MHRA website, which also says that professional bodies such as the NMC and GMC can set higher professional standards than the law requires, as they have done in this case, and that it considers their decisions reasonable in the interests of patient safety.