Dermatology and nurse prescribing: patients’ views

Nurse prescribing in dermatology services can increase both their efficiency and patients’ involvement in treatment, according to the views reported here of patients with acne, psoriasis or eczema treated by seven specialist dermatology nurse prescribers.

The patients reported improved access as a result of greater efficiency, more appointments, telephone access to nurse prescribers (particularly noted) and the provision of local services. They also said they were involved in treatment decisions and care planning and, in contrast to some previous work, that they were happy with the information about the medicines provided. They rated the continuity of care provided, and the consultation style of the nurse prescribers, highly – and levels of trust and confidence were also high.

The authors comment that, given the financial constraints the NHS will be operating under, these results could have important implications for using resources to their maximum and improving access to, and quality of, dermatology specialist services.

Courtenay M, Carey N, Stenner K, Lawton S and Peters J. Patients’ views of nurse prescribing: effects on care, concordance and medicine taking. Br J Dermatology, in press.