Association for Prescribers

Constitution of The Association For Prescribers

1. The Association shall be called “The Association for Prescribers .”

2. The aims of the Association shall be to:

    a Promote mutual help and support for and by those registered as prescribers.

    b Promote and act as an advocate for non medical prescribing both nationally and locally.

    c Keep prescribing high on the political agenda.

    d Encourage the maintenance a high standard of care in prescribing through education,training and continual professional development.

    e Encourage multi-professional and inter-agency working to ensure safe and effective prescribing and medicines management.

    f Support research into non-medical prescribing.

3. The following are eligible to be members of the association ;

    a Any health care professional, regardless of political or religious belief,race colour or sexual orientation providing they have an interest in the area of prescribing.

b Others at the invitation of the Committee.

4. Membership shall be by annual subscription.

5. The membership subscription shall be determined annually by the Committee.

6. Membership will be terminated if the member fails to pay the annual subscription or the member is struck off from the professional register or if conduct has been demonstrated which brings the Association into disrepute.

7. Corporate membership is open to those who sponsor events organised by the Association. Corporate members have no voting rights within the Association.

8. The Committee shall consist of a Patron and a President.

9. The work of the Association shall be conducted by the Officers and a Committee of 14 elected members.

    The Officers shall consist of the:-
    one Chair, one Vice Chair, one Secretary and one Treasurer.

    The Committee will consist of 9 members representing –
    Northern Ireland
    and co-opted members

10. The day to day business shall be conducted by a salaried administrator who will maintain and keep up to date all membership details, who will also act as secretary to the AFP.

11. The Treasurer of the Association shall present Reports at the Annual General Meeting, as well as Financial Reports and audited accounts of receipts and payments made up to the end of each financial year. The reports shall also be published.

12. Officers shall hold office for three years and be eligible for re election. The elected members of the Committee shall each serve for an initial term of three years, and be eligible for further terms of office.

13. The Committee shall have the power to co opt a member to fill any vacancy which may occur between the Annual elections.

14. The Committee will meet quarterly.

15. Committee members are expected to:-

    Attend two (2) committee meetings a year
    Attend conferences organised by the Association
    Promote the work of the Association, non medical prescribing and medicines

16. A committee meeting will be quorate if two officers and three other committee members are present.

17. Minutes of committee meetings will available to Members of the Association on request.

18. Sub committees will be set up as and when is necessary and at the decision of the Committee to address issues other than those able to be addressed at the formal committee meetings.

19. A member of the Association may nominate a candidate or themselves for election to the Committee, providing her/his consent to serve has been obtained in writing. The election of the nominee shall rest with the Committee. The name of the nominee should be sent in writing duly seconded,to the Secretary at least one month before the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

20. The Association shall meet once a year.(AGM)

21. All members will be notified two months in advance of the AGM.

22. Agenda items must be submitted to the administrator at least 28 days before the AGM.

23. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called at any time by the Committee at the request of not less than fifteen members of the Association,who shall notify the Secretary in writing. At least twenty eight days notice must be given.

24. This constitution shall not be altered or rescinded without due notice to such proposed changes having been submitted to the Secretary at least eight weeks before the Annual General Meeting. In such circumstances, the amended Constitution shall not come into effect until approved at a General Meeting.

25. The Association will be dissolved at the discretion of the Committee in circumstances such as the funds being insufficient or some other unforeseen reason. Should this be necessary a Special General Meeting will be called. Members will be given 28 days notice of the same.

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