Association for Prescribers

Welcome to the ‘Association for Prescribers’ formally known as The Association for Nurse Prescribing.

The leading voice campaigning for and promoting the role of the prescriber the Association provides:-

  • Unifying voice for the membership to influence government bodies and nursing organisations on future developments in prescribing
  • Allows networking of non-medical prescribers
  • Supports research into non-medical prescribing
  • Shares good practice
  • Offers advice and support to prescribers, higher education institutions and government bodies

For more than ten years, the Association for Nurse Prescribing (ANP) has been a leading voice campaigning for, and promoting the role of nurse prescribing.
The Association for Prescribers will provide all non-medical prescribers with support and education in order that they feel confident in their role. We recognise that we need to continue improving standards of care, knowledge and proficiency.

To all users, please note we have changed our login system. Existing users will need to create a new password using the email they used previously. If you have any issues regarding the new system, please contact us.

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